Winry Ravenna Litwa-Vulcu

photographer, experimental artist | audio electronic engineer

Photographer, Experimental Artist

I photograph primarily on Nikon dSLRs, but I occasionally range to film—both 35mm and 120. I use a wide variety of lenses, but most favorably the Nikkor 24mm/1.4G and 58mm/1.4G. Portrait photography is my passion, although I love any opportunity to catch details in ways that other people might miss. Or to go wild and create a total glitchy manipulated mess. The best place to check out my work is on Instagram.

Audio Electronic Engineer

I currently work at iZotope where I design and develop innovative hardware interfaces for the Spire platform, with a primary focus on low-level analog and digital signal processing and control systems.


I have a BA in Electronics and Audio Technology from Anglia Ruskin University and an MA in Audio Acoustics from The University of Salford. I'm super passionate about cycling, esoteric electronic instruments, and making bad art. I live in Boston, MA.